We love the consistent flow of a well-produced mark.


The brand design or logo maybe what we all recognise a business or organisation by but we like to think of the big picture. Starting a journey to a well developed and recognised brand is creative and changeable. So the best way to start such a journey is to have someone with you who knows what they are doing.


Our main aim is for you to absolutely love your brand so that you are confident that your clients will. With this achieved we then ensure that your new brand design stays true and consistent so recognition does not reduce.

Brand design across all media


Your brand needs to be used on all media so we ensure you can, people like to see the elements of your company reflected in a similar way wherever they roam and with today’s marketing extents this can be anywhere.


Providing you with every format known to humankind is what we aim to do. Once you are happy and you love your new design we will provide a comprehensive collection of files so it can be used for everything you need.


Branding is always changing and flexing with common new trends to ensure a new mark can stand the test of time as well as sit well or in some cases head and shoulders above your competitors. Here are some ideas of what could be trending in 2022:


Trends to look out for in 2022!

The Simple Bits of Brand Design


Ideally, with a project, we would like to sit down with you to have some time to drink coffee or tea. This is to get to know you and get a personal idea of what makes you tick first of all.


Next, we will go through your ideas and then on to your business ethos to see how your personality transfers into the way your business or organisation ticks. This will give us a great foundation to start providing creative output and a start into how your new brand can look.


We don’t create 20 versions to start we would much prefer to create a handful of ideas and then start to develop these further to narrow down the field. We all know that restaurant which has a humongous menu and you keep sending the waiting staff away as you cannot decide what you want to order.


Don’t worry though we are always at the end of the phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype to discuss details.

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