Some areas of our services need a little bit more explaining so please feel free to read below for the nitty-gritty of what we offer.

Below you can find further details of our services and support which may require clarity without too much jargon and technical gumph!

Terms last updated – 13th October 2022


Website Design & Build

Our websites are generally designed around a WordPress theme that will match the client’s brief, brand design and colouration. At some points, we create designs for other platforms but we don’t tend to undertake any development in products we are not experienced in.

  1. All website design is the intellectual property of Sorbrook until client payment for the project is complete and settled.
  2. Website design will be individual to the client and we do not accept copying other websites on the client’s request unless the site is owned by the client.
  3. Website build will be within the WordPress platform unless otherwise requested.
  4. New websites are designed, built and hosted under a 4 stage process. Each process has a payment signpost which will need to be satisfied to continue the project agreed.



We have been using WordPress for a decade and use it as our main platform.

  1. We cannot accept any responsibility for WordPress update-related changes and we will attempt to always provide a stable platform where possible.
  2. WordPress is built on the PHP codebase which itself has many versions in use, Sorbrook only supports version 7.4. and above.
  3. Our managed hosting automatically updates WordPress, so Sorbrook accepts no liability for issues with websites after an update. Issues will be looked at on an individual basis to ascertain if this is a plugin issue, website issue or hosting issue.


Website Hosting

Our website hosting is now on a managed hosting plan with the company 20i. This provides us with a fantastic platform of tools and safeguards all of our hosting clients.

  1. Website hosting for new website design and build customers can take advantage of 12 months free.
  2. The cost of Standard hosting is £165 per year as of August 2022 and may be subject to change in the future with prior warning.
  3. The cost for E-Commerce hosting and sites with booking systems / technically advanced settings will be between £205 and £305 per year as of January 2022.
  4. Hosting is charged annually and can be via Go-Cardless or invoice, this does not include domain renewals.
  5. Domain renewals will be charged for periods of 2 or 3 years and will include a small admin fee for arrangement.
  6. Hosting of websites will be based on PHP version 7.4 and above only, if websites are transferred to us below this version a quote for the cost will be provided to bring the site up to the recommended level to upgrade.
  7. Website domains will need to use our nameservers to ensure you can take advantage of SSL certificates and email if required.
  8. Sorbrook will not host websites that are deemed to have adult sexual content, promote terrorism/radicalism or support personally damaging content. Sorbrook does not host gambling websites.
  9. Non-payment of hosting can result in the deactivation of your website hosting which will also affect any connected services such as email.
  10. Hosting is charged at the beginning of the month when it is due and payment is expected by the end of that month. If payment is not received a further month’s grace is given at the cost of a month of hosting which will be added to the invoice. If payment is still not received after this time period hosting will be deactivated.
  11. Email accounts can be included as part of your hosting but please be aware that any loss or break in service is not the responsibility of Sorbrook and will be addressed to the hosting supplier 20i on your behalf for resolution.
  12. We ask that clients have no more than 5 email addresses as any more than this will incur admin charges for management.
  13. Email on our hosting must not be used for email marketing bulk delivery, we recommend using our email marketing platform Sormail (Contact us For more Details).


Website Transfers

We are happy to transfer websites and hosting away or to Sorbrook but please be aware that this in some cases can be either simple or complicated.

  1. Transfer of a website to our hosting will need to undergo a strict audit from Sorbrook. This ensures it satisfies PHP version above 7.4, site size to clone, relevant allowed content and is not containing malware or viruses.
  2. Simple transfers can be cloned from one WordPress install to another, in these cases there will be no cost to the client apart from the years hosting agreed to.
  3. Larger websites may need to be copied bit by bit which can incur costs to the client, in these cases the client will be advised and quoted.
  4. In the case that a website cannot be transferred due to access issues or PHP version being under that accepted, we will advise a rebuild cost on our hosting.
  5. We are happy to look after your domain name within our account for ease of use and to remove unwanted technical confusion.
  6. Domain names will be the property of the client and not Sorbrook so if the client moves away the domain will be transferred to them.