Since the lockdown, we have built a webshop for at least 3 clients and had enquiries for another 2.

The UK is slowly opening shops again and there are still opportunities out there for customers ordering online. If anything online ordering has increased 2 fold.

The Sorbrook Webshop

We can offer clients who already have WordPress websites the opportunity to have their own webshop to sell their products. Using the powerful WooCommerce plugin we can create shops for almost any product you want to sell online. We have set up clients with webshops or even more complicated stores which require multiple variations.

The best payment gateways for your site are Paypal or Stripe, both are trusted and provide a fantastic recognisable service which your customers trust.

We provide training at a distance via our Youtube channel which is currently being populated with new tutorials. New videos will be updated regularly and once we are able to do so we will train face to face.

Why WooCommerce?

We are experienced from many years of building websites in WordPress and using WooCommerce throughout its development.

WooCommerce is the biggest eCommerce solution on the WordPress platform and is run by Automattic who own and run WordPress.

The solution is unlimited, unlike some other webshop providers who in some cases only allow you to have a maximum number of products. You can use your own website domain which keeps your branding along with your content which you have poured all your hard work into.

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People will not change from online shopping to physical shops completely and a mixture of both is here to stay. If the lockdown has taught us anything, shops online are the ones who have suffered least.

We can offer you a quote for either of the following:

  • Full website design, build and hosting. With an integrated webshop, ongoing support at a level required for how much you need.
  • Addition of a webshop to your current WordPress website with ongoing support at a level required for how much you need.

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